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IT Project Portfolio Management
Jackson LMS Associates has helped integrate multiple projects within the scope of a larger implementations for clients in various industries. Our ability to see the larger picture helps keep smaller projects in line with the overall goals for the organization. We approach every project, large or small, from multiple angles: quality, accuracy, and accountability. And we apply those angles to project deliverables, project management, as well as the financial aspects (PMO). As a result of this rigorous, multi-angled approach, Jackson LMS Associates is able to deliver on time & on budget regardless of the size or complexity of the projects in our clients’ portfolios.

Vendor Evaluation and Selection
One of the keys to the success of any technology initiative is implementing the right product. Jackson LMS Associates believes in being technology agnostic and choosing products based on their merits, not some partnership or commission. The key to evaluating vendors is understanding your business, developing detailed requirements and evaluating all available products to find the best fit. Based on our extensive experience, we not only make recommendations but also come up with alternatives. Jackson LMS Associates also keep relationships with select vendors and, thus, can help navigate the financial arrangements that are a key piece of the vendor selection process. Because we will be solely focused on the project, we can steer you through the selection process more quickly than you could do on your own. 

Certified Technologists/Staffing
Jackson LMS Associates maintains an extensive network of recruiters and technologists certified in all manner of applications. This enables Jackson LMS Associates to provide the technical acumen necessary to make your project succeed. It also keeps overhead low because Jackson LMS Associates does not need to keep people on the payroll when there is not a need. Jackson LMS Associates can also provide ongoing staff augmentation as well as contract-to-hire situations so that when the project is complete you retain the depth of knowledge that made the project a success. 

Regulatory Support
Jackson LMS current and former clients include numerous life sciences companies that are required to comply with 21 CFR Part 11. These complex federal regulations govern all facets of a technology system implementation. Because Jackson LMS consultants have experience in complying with the regulations they can not only be effective immediately, they can also assist in training your personnel and quickly implement the necessary project controls. 

Operations Consulting
Jackson LMS consultants have assisted manufacturing companies in implementing lean management and lean manufacturing practices to streamline their organizations saving them money on personnel as well as raw materials and enabling them to react more quickly to demand. 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Due Diligence
Determining the technology impact of a merger, acquisition or divestiture is a critical step in determining the likelihood of success. Jackson LMS Associates has a broad range of experience that enables us to evaluate that impact fully, effectively and efficiently so you can avoid any surprises. 

Acquisition Integration
One of the most common ways for most companies to grow is through acquisition. However, the actual act of acquiring is just the beginning. Once the legalities of the deal are approved/finalized, comes the real work. The newly acquired organization must be seamlessly blended into existing business areas & processes. Cultures must mesh and, most importantly, the people affected must come together in a way that helps the company move forward. Jackson LMS Associates prides itself in its ability to form a personal connection with its clients and help them every step of the way to ensure a smooth ride throughout the acquisition process. We are a tightly knit group and we aspire to help our clients achieve that type of unity.

Change Management, Communications and Training Most major implementation result in significant changes to the existing business, processes, and procedures. These changes must be managed & communicated to the appropriate audiences in a timely manner. Training must also be provided to those affected by the changes to ensure that that the business can function amidst the change. Jackson LMS gets involved from the onset of a project and remains engaged throughout the process ’til the very end. This enables us to provide a very detailed level of service & commitment not often seen in the consulting arena. More Information…
Customer Relationship Management CRM is more than just a technology; it is a strategy that MUST be integrated into all areas of the company. Jackson LMS Associates has helped develop CRM strategies ranging from mid-size media companies that only needed to improve communication between team members to Fortune 50 life sciences companies that needed to integrate with SAP and interface with a data warehouse while complying with CFR 21 Part 11 and HIPAA. More Information…
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